Eleven Fifty bridges the gap between employer demands and employee skill development.

When it comes to finding tech talent, your challenge as an employer lies in finding the perfect fit for the role, your organization, and your goals. How do you find the perfect candidate? How do you know they will work out? Knowing the answers to these questions is difficult, but that’s why at Eleven Fifty Academy we partner with employers to develop a modern solution for hiring emerging tech talent. With a focus on building a crafted curriculum based on evolving market demands, we help provide students and employers with a quicker path to purpose.

Students attend cutting-edge courses designed in partnership with employers.

At Eleven Fifty, our curriculum is defined by the current needs of the modern workforce. We partner with employers to define what the curriculum is because who better to help us prepare our students than the ones who are looking for new talent? We’ve discovered that by partnering with employers, we can more quickly and accurately tailor our program to the needs of the modern employer and workforce. Our curriculum is ever-evolving because employer demands for new hires are ever-evolving. Through the positive changes in our curriculum we remain focused on helping our students learn the skills they need to make a huge impact on their future, their community, and their employer.

The instructors use their real experiences with coding, business, and the workforce.

All of the instructors at Eleven Fifty bring real experiences to the classroom. Some of them are full time instructors and others are industry partners who bring their specialized skills and knowledge to the classroom. We’ve discovered that hiring coders to teach coders is the most effective path for our students. But, it isn’t just coding skills our instructors and staff bring to the classroom. They bring their business and work experience with them, as well. Our goal with every SmartStart student isn’t just to develop a coder. It’s to develop a well-rounded, versatile coding employee. We do that by exposing them to hands-on projects, talking with them about their future, and helping them better understand what the workplace is really like.

The program is completely immersive to support hands-on training of viable skills.

We’ve done everything possible to strip the fluff. If you visit one of our classes on any given day, you won’t find our students reading out of textbooks or our instructors lecturing for hours on end. Instead, you’ll find students with their headphones in and Red Bull at the ready. When we say immersive, we mean it. From day one, the students in our SmartStart program are coding. The instructors are there to guide students as they face new challenges and work together to code programs. This code-in-the-now style of classroom learning gives students the hands-on experiences they need to develop the skills of a successful coder.

Eleven Fifty graduates learn more than code in our classrooms.

The classrooms at Eleven Fifty aren’t just a place to learn code. They are a place students flex their creativity, develop logic skills, and learn to better collaborate and communicate with fellow team members. While students graduate with specialized skills in one programming language, we help them develop logic and creativity skills that make them versatile coders. It’s through these skills they continue to learn and grow as employees. By encouraging them to learn on their own, our students develop an independence that’s important for the workplace. At the same time, our students learn to work in groups to complete projects similarly to how coders in the real world work on teams to develop applications, programs, and software. By placing students in these teams, they learn to work with each other and learn more about the complete development life cycle.

At Eleven Fifty, we’re creating a bridge for the technology skills gap and helping employers connect with the tech talent they need to elevate their business. Are you ready to discover how you can elevate your business by hiring a coder? Check out our free e-book, “Bridging The Technology Skills Gap: A Guide to Elevating Your Business” to discover how you can start the process.



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