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The Indiana Department of Workforce Development announced today that it has granted Eleven Fifty Academy an $850,000 grant through the Skill Up Indiana! Initiative, which enabled matching funds from private contributors totaling nearly 2 million dollars. The Skill UP Indiana! grant program was created to boost training and educational programs that align with employer needs through community partnerships. Eleven Fifty Academy is honored to be a recipient.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s mission is to develop a premier workforce that will allow Indiana employers to flourish and entice businesses from outside our state to relocate to Indiana. Although just over a year old, Eleven Fifty Academy has become a model for coding schools across the country.

Eleven Fifty Academy exists to help close the nation’s growing technology skills gap by creating an ecosystem of coding talent that benefits the individual, their employer and their community. As an industry leader, Eleven Fifty Academy is honored to have the support of the Indiana Dept of Workforce Development. Funding from the Skill UP Indiana! grant will support accelerated learning, skilling up workers, and placing students in jobs through programs with Eleven Fifty Academy.

The plan for Eleven Fifty has been in motion since before Eleven Fifty Academy opened its doors in January 2015 and through conversations, relationship building and curriculum delivery and modification, the plan continues to move forward. The Skill UP Indiana! funding will advance partner relationships, ensure curriculum is meeting and exceeding industry standards, and successfully move more students through their programs in Eleven Fifty classrooms with outreach across the state.


About Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy is a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of mobile, web and professional courses through immersive learning at subsidized rates, made possible through partnerships, corporate and individual donations. Headquartered in award-winning Carmel, Indiana, Eleven Fifty Academy provides the best possible training experience while consistently accelerating the learning curve for people of all ages and skill sets. The mission of Eleven Fifty Academy is to build an ecosystem of coding talent that financially benefits the individual, their employer and their community.

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