Eleven Fifty can help you convert your technology passion in a way that fills the technology skills gap.

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we talk about our mission of closing the nation’s widening technology skills gap pretty frequently. For some, the issue is an obvious one as they search for tech talent to join their companies. But, as someone looking to launch or change their career, you may not fully understand what the gap is or why it really matters. The technology field may not be what you’ve always envisioned it to be, and, because of that, it could be a career path that’s perfect for your goals and passions.

The Growing Technology Skills Gap

By 2020, it’s estimated, there will be over 1 million computer jobs open and only 400,000 computer science students. The computer jobs aren’t just backend developer roles or IT help desk support, though. There’s a real shortage of tech talent with the skills to protect an organization’s sensitive data, create an application, or even manage a global Cloud infrastructure. As society increasingly relies on technology, it’s never been more important for you to learn the skills of the future.

To give you a little bit of a clearer understanding of the types of jobs that are open to those with the right technology skills, here are a few technology areas currently experiencing large employee skill gaps:

Emerging Technology

Technology is constantly changing. If you’re passionate about keeping up with that change or even being the one to spur the change, then emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, or even Self Driving Cars are perfect career fields for you to pursue. How do you get there? You start by mastering the basics. You’d be surprised how much these career fields rely on coding. Currently, 59% of business and technology executives feel there is a technology skills gap in emerging technology.

Cloud Infrastructure and Applications

One of the biggest developments in technology over the last ten years is Cloud Infrastructure. Without thinking about it or even knowing it, you most likely use some sort of Cloud infrastructure on a daily basis. Whether it’s storing files at work or saving the pictures from your phone to the Cloud, you use the Cloud to complete multiple tasks every day. Right now, 57% of business and technology executives feel there is a technology skills gap in Cloud infrastructure and applications. That means the technology we’ve come to depend on every single day is in desperate need of talent to manage and develop it.

Digital Transformation and Legacy Modernization

Outdated IT systems are a drag on resources, productivity, and the overall success of an organization, which is exactly why so many organizations invest in digital transformation and legacy modernization. It’s all about updating systems and making sure everyone in the organization has access to the technology they need to be as productive as possible. Those working in this field need an appreciation for older technology and passion to be on the cutting edge of current and future technology. Why is this one so important? Because 57% of executives feel there is an technology skills gap in digital transformation and legacy modernization.


It may not always be chasing down hackers and making sure they can’t get your data in real time, but cyber security is becoming more and more important. With data breaches and hacks in the news constantly, coders with a firm understanding of cyber-security are crucial to an organization’s security team. So much so, in fact, that 55% of executives feel there is an technology skills gap in cyber-security.

Software and App Development

While there is certainly a call for creativity in every IT field, software and app development definitely lends itself to creativity the most. If you enjoy design, organization, or even have an idea for new software or an application, then this field is a great option for you. You could find yourself working for a global corporation or even a start up. As society moves towards paperless processes, remote working, and global business, the skills to create, deploy, and maintain applications will become more vital. Business executives actually feel there is a 55% skills gap in this field.

How Eleven Fifty can help you reach your dreams.

At Eleven Fifty, we help students convert their technical interests and passions into careers through immersive training that is relevant to the modern workforce. Our SmartStart immersive programs are designed to give you the skills you need to successfully launch your technology-focused career. We don’t just give you the skills you need to code, but we cover topics like security, intellectual property, application deployment, and even user experience. The program helps you learn both hard and soft skills that you need to start contributing immediately when you’re hired.

Are you ready to gain the skills you need to be career ready? Our JavaScript SmartStart program is starting in January. Now is the perfect time to sign up for a program that will give you a new career for the new year.



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