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‘Tech skills preferred.’ This simple sentence appears on more job listings today than many other skills. Employers are looking for candidates with the knowledge to fit the specific position along with technical skills to maintain the platforms and technology used every day in modern working environments. As new workers leave college and enter the workforce, it’s increasingly difficult for employers to find candidates who not only specialize in their trade or area of focus but have the skills to keep up with evolving technology. So what does this mean for current employers? A gap in skilled and capable workers ready to excel in positions. 

A study conducted by found the top 25 skills employers are hiring for in 2018. As you look through the list, you’ll notice a trend in the skills desired.

  • Cloud and distributed computing
  • Statistical analysis and data mining
  • Middleware and integration software
  • Web architecture and development framework
  • User interface design

Tech skills are top of mind for many employers and the lack of skills in the applicant pool make those equipped with tech knowledge more valuable. Gone are the days of highly-skilled candidates searching and searching for jobs, employers are now in competition with other organizations to secure these candidates.

Increasing Tech Skills Need

Not only are candidates with these skills in demand now, the need is only going to continue to grow year after year. According to recent surveys, tech employment opportunities are projected to increase by 12% by 2024, which will lead to more jobs and more need for people to fill them. Employers aren’t prepared, or equipped to onboard new employees and teach these skills on the job. The most sought-after employees are the ones who take the initiative and learn these skills on their own. Coding bootcamps are great for getting new candidates skilled up and ready to fill these positions.

Hard and Soft Skills

Hard tech skills aren’t the only skills employers want. 57% of business leaders surveyed said that soft skills are even more important than most hard skills. Business leaders are looking for people who can work with, and lead, other people. While a lot of skills you can learn in a classroom or from the comfort of your home, soft skills are developed by working with others and taking a hard look at yourself and the way you interact with others. A well-rounded curriculum helps prepare those ready to join the workforce, but unfortunately, this soft skill development is rarely included in traditional learning paths. As you start to think about embarking on a new career, or looking for ways to move up in the job you already have, consider these soft skills as you look for additional training. Leadership, communication, collaboration and time management are skills hard learned, but the most crucial skills in 2018.

Blending New and Old Tools

As we look ahead to the future of work environments and what employers want in new hires, it’s important to remember the enduring skills people need to be successful. Don’t forget about tools like Excel and Microsoft Word. Sure, the might seem dated, and perhaps you feel like you know all you need to know having grown up writing assignments in Word, but how well do you really know these tools? Before you start applying for jobs, look for opportunities to hone these skills to make you the most well-rounded candidate you can be. The opportunities in tech careers are endless, and you don’t have to go through a four-year degree program to prepare for them.

In a recent survey, 72% of employers reported that they feel bootcamp graduates are just as prepared and likely to be high performers as candidates with computer science degrees. Of those surveyed, 12% think bootcamp graduates are more prepared and more likely to be high performers than candidates with computer science careers.

If you’ve been thinking about a career in tech, don’t let the idea of a four-year degree program hold you back. You can gain these skills in accelerated courses that help teach both hard and soft skills to prepare you for a career with high growth potential. If you’re interested in learning more about coding bootcamps, feel free to connect with one of our team members or stop by our campus and take a look around!

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