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Before technology took over, presents included things such as toys, ties, socks, and probably one “big” present, right? Now, there is a high demand for tech products. We’ve created a list of some fun tech products that are out there right now that you may want to purchase for someone you know!

For everyone

Apple products are always a popular choice when purchasing gifts for someone you know. They recently released their water resistant Apple Watch Series 2 equipped with GPS and fitness tracking. The new iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones are in high demand, too. If you’re not looking to buy a phone, you can never go wrong with a phone case!

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are so popular nowadays. Some people might not even have cable because all they watch is Netflix. The Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV allows you to stream content from popular providers such as Netflix.

The Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker is a perfect gift for someone who sometimes misplaces their belongings.

For Kids

Makey Makey is fun for everyone. The overview is, “Makey Makey, an invention kit for everyone, is a simple circuit board that lets you reprogram the world by connecting everyday objects to a computer. Rewire the World! Warning: extended use may result in creative confidence.”

Bloxels is a technology that allows the creators to build, capture, design, play, and share their very own video games. They build their creations on a board and then scan it onto their phone or tablet. They can watch the creation come to life on their screen!

Code-a-pillar is a fun toy for ages 3-6 where they can connect and reconnect the pieces to send the caterpillar on a journey. There are endless journeys the caterpillar can take!

Sphero is a little robotic toy that allows kids to use their phones or tablets to control it as it rolls around the ground.

Athletic, Healthy Lifestyle?

Fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung’s Gear Fit are great for those who are seeking a healthier lifestyle.
GoPro cameras are a little on the more expensive side, but they are great for shooting video and going on adventures!

A set of headphones, wireless or not, makes a great gift. They can use them at the gym, on a jog outside, or for daily use. Dr. Dre’s Powerbeats Wireless are great along with the Under Armor’s Wireless Headphones.

A Gamer?

Nintendo just came out with the NES Classic Edition gaming system. If you know someone who loves those old school games, this would be a perfect gift!

Enjoy the gaming experience with noise cancelling headphones and a gaming mouse. The Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse has a 16k dpi laser sensor. Bose’s QuietComfort 35 headphones have a long battery life and are wireless. 

Just like Apple products, the Xbox One and Play Station 4 are gifts that everyone enjoys if they love gaming. Someone you know already have an Xbox? Give them an Xbox Gift Card so he or she can purchase things straight from their Xbox or even purchase or pre-order a game that’s set to be released soon.

For Work?  

We all get mini anxiety attacks when we see our phone battery getting low. Charge your phone with an iPhone Dock. Its simplistic design won’t clutter up your desk space.

Looking for that one big gift? Check out the iPad Pro or the Microsoft Surface Pro.

You can never have enough storage space. The 240GB SanDisk has more than plenty of storage for anything and everything.


Although phones are coming out with better picture-taking capabilities, there’s something about an actual DSLR camera that takes photography to a whole other level. Check out the cameras that Canon and Nikon have to offer!

If you or your friends just enjoy taking photos on your phones, Polaroid has a mobile printer which allows you to print 2×3 inch photos over Bluetooth! InstaMax is a similar product that essentially does the same thing.

Don’t Forget!  

If you’re buying items off of Amazon, be sure to use and enter Eleven Fifty Academy as the charity organization of choice. This will allow a portion of the proceeds to go to the Academy.

Happy Holidays!



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