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TThere have been some rough patches in the first week where I thought I wasn’t picking it up fast enough, but I never thought of quitting. This is trial by fire, and I knew that going in. I guess I haven’t considered quitting because even though it’s hard, it feels right for me.”

As many of you know, we are in the midst of our first 9-week Accelerated Learning Program. We have 18 students in our course that are excited and ready to take on the challenges of coding. Deon Seifert is one of our students who bravely accepted the challenge to learn to code!

Deon grew up in Hartford City, Indiana, a small town 20 miles north of Muncie. She learned BASIC during high school and earned her BS in Marketing at IU Bloomington. “Before Eleven Fifty Academy, I co-owned and ran Dinner by Design for 10 years. For the last 3 years, my staff and I made great meals for our very loyal clients to serve to their families. I loved the work, the staff, and our clients, but it was time for a change.” Deon read an interview of Scott Jones in the Indianapolis Monthly back in February and proceeded to take a tour with us, sign up for the Intro to Coding course, and register for the ALPs. “There were lots of indications that coding would be right for me, but I wasn’t listening. The Intro to Coding and the DISC assessment really affirmed that I could do this and that I’d enjoy it.”

What should you expect when you take the Foundations (the first 3 weeks of our 9-week program)? “I expected it to be hard and draining, and it has been. But it’s the good kind of hard. It’s hard because I want to know everything so that I can be a better coder. I spend a lot of my own time reinforcing what I’ve learned in class and researching new ways to do things. I might be slightly obsessed, but it’s so great to want to study. I wasn’t expecting to love it. Now at the end of the second week, I can say I dream about code, and I’ve found myself thinking, ‘I’d rather be coding.’”

Here at Eleven Fifty Academy, we strive to provide all of our students with a relaxing environment to learn in. “I’ve loved studying at the house. There is so much room to have class or break off into smaller groups or curl up all by yourself for some quality time with your code. The food, snacks, and beverages are stellar, and being able to take a break at the pool table or by walking around outside is really wonderful. Everyone on the staff is devoted to meeting our needs. Our instructors are not only informed, but also great at teaching. Everyone is friendly, and they make you feel welcomed the moment you step in.”

“I hope to be hired on as a junior developer at one of the growing tech businesses in the Indy area. What I’m really gunning for is an APPrenticeship position at Eleven Fifty Consulting. I want the extra experience so that I can be really confident in my skills both with coding and other aspects of the job like Scrum and other Agile principles.”

Deon, we greatly admire your hard work throughout this program. We know it’s not easy, and we’re proud of you for all your hard work so far! Go Code.

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