Posted on March 16th, 2017 in Student Stories

Walker Hinkle is a man of many talents. He has the patience to work with kids at before and after school programs. The ethics and dedication of a military man. The thoroughness of a construction worker and the determination of a coder. Ever since Walker discovered tumblr, a few years ago, he’s been hooked on figuring out how the backend of a program changes and customizes the front end. Now, he’s on a path to a career in coding.

The Path to A Career In Coding

No two paths to coding look the same. For Walker, that path has taken him into the military, on construction sites, up trees, to elementary school, and finally to the classroom. When he graduated basic training, Walker embarked on a computer and technology focused track. He studied Meteorological Survey and Field Artillery, which allowed him to better understand computers and how they impact the world. After leaving the military, his path lead him to a construction and installation job. Then, to an arboriculture job where his passion for coding and customizing websites fully developed.

An Arborist and A Developer

It sounds like an unlikely pair, but when the tree care company that Walker was working for needed a new website, he jumped on the opportunity. Knowing how much fun tweaking and customizing a tumblr page was, Walked wanted to try his hand at building and customizing a website. Once he was in the thick of things, he noticed how much fun he was having and how quickly time was flying by.

Microsoft and the Final Push to Coding School

Eventually, Walker landed a job at Microsoft. He loved it and learned a lot of skills, but he noticed his friends that also worked there were getting certifications in coding. He wasn’t too sure about it at first, but eventually found that there really was something there. Walker, with his interest in coding piqued, started looking into online coding schools. He soon realized that wasn’t going to work, “self-taught websites don’t provide you help.” Like many who set out to teach themselves how to code, Walker discovered he couldn’t do this on his own. He needed help.

That’s when he discovered Eleven Fifty Academy. He liked the academy from the start, “This is a well organized place. The teachers are willing to help.” Since enrolling at Eleven Fifty, Walker has grown his skills and learned how much the instructors and staff care about the students.

What’s Next for Walker?

The ultimate goal for Walker is to become a game developer. When asked about his future, Walker didn’t hesitate to answer, “I want to be challenged. I don’t want the same thing over and over again. I don’t want to be stagnant. I want to be growing.” He knows that there’s always more to learn and he’s ready for the challenge. Walker hopes to be working for an organization that is clean, organized, and community based. He wants to know that he can rely on coworkers as much as they can rely on him.

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