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Christian is learning to become a coder.

Christian Ingram worked in television until her job was downsized due to automation technology. Now, Christian is learning how to code, so she can create technology and applications that bring her career stability for the future.

From TV News to Coder

While some may get discouraged after such an event, Christian approached it with a different attitude. She saw it as an opportunity to grow and start a new career. Not knowing what she wanted to do, Christian spent time exploring all of her options. That’s when she discovered Eleven Fifty Academy.

Through the EmployUp program and after taking a tour of Eleven Fifty, Christian discovered that knowing how to code meant she could find a job she had confidence in and wouldn’t become obsolete. In fact, she could learn how to create automated technologies just like the ones that once replaced her.

Christian is really enjoying her coding experience at Eleven Fifty, “I love that it’s something new.” She loves how challenging and exciting the process of learning how to code is, but lives for the “light bulb” moments when she’s able to fix her own errors and when something clicks for the first time. She says the program keeps students engaged and that she’s learning continuously.

What’s next for Christian?

When asked what was next, Christian said, “I don’t know what the future holds, but I believe it’s bright.” She hasn’t decided on a career path, yet, but Christian is determined and excited about the new skills she’s going to have after completing the program. Wherever she ends up working, she’s hoping the company offers a diverse culture and opportunities to grow with her career.

Think you have the skills it takes to be a coder? Find out with our Characteristics of A Coder infographic. If you’re interested in hiring great talent like Christian, contact Eleven Fifty to begin your hiring partnership today.



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