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Jenny and Michelle are on a coding journey spurred on by passion.

Like many others, Jenny and Michelle Hoelzer were caught off guard by their love of coding. The sisters originally took the traditional education path. Both went to a four-year college. Both graduated with bachelor’s degrees. Both planned on pursuing careers within their chosen fields. But, they ran into a common issue: job availability wasn’t what they expected. After searching for jobs, they heard about coding schools from a relative. Little did they know that this information would change their lives.

From traditional paths to coding dreams

After they heard about coding schools from their relative, the sisters began researching and discovered Eleven Fifty Academy. Jenny was able to take a tour of the facility and quickly connected with the atmosphere and culture that the bootcamp provides students. While Michelle wasn’t able to attend that tour, they both enrolled in an Introduction to Coding course to get a feel for what coding was all about. After the two days of hands on instruction, they were both hooked.

“I like being able to have an idea, type up the code, and see it come to life,” says Jenny. Michelle loves being able to put her own, often humorous, spin on everything she codes. What they both agree on, though, is that designing the front end of applications and websites is where their passion lies. Seeing the code come to life and having their hard work come to fruition is what it’s all about.

What’s Next For Jenny and Michelle?

While the sisters still have a few weeks left in the JavaScript SmartStart program, they’ve given plenty of thought about the future. Michelle is exploring her options, but is hoping to land a job as a front-end developer. Jenny has an internship lined up for after graduation where she’ll be helping to build a non-profit organization’s website on the front and back end. The two agree that working for companies that are more informal and allow them to focus on the code would be amazing.

Want to see examples of their work? Check out Jenny’s portfolio and Michelle’s portfolio.

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