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Jeremy has always been a tinkerer. Now, he's studying to become a coder.

Jeremy Wuestefeld was the type of kid who enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked. He can recall when a relative actually gave him a microwave and he took it apart to see the inside mechanics of the appliance. To say he’s always been a tinkerer is an understatement. Jeremy’s interest eventually led to him graduating college with a mechanical engineering degree. He’s also worked as a project manager and a police officer, but now, his tinkering is taking him to coding.

From tinkerer to coder

When Jeremy discovered coding and computer software, there was no stopping him. He still remembers when his family got their first computer. He dove right into the software and files and did what he always did: tinkered. As time went on, his tinkering took on a more serious tone. He started playing around with coding. It actually become a hobby. He learned how to automate tasks and personalize experiences. Finally, after going as far as he could on his own, Jeremy realized, “I want to be able to do this stuff.” That’s what lead him to Eleven Fifty.

Making a career transition wasn’t a decision Jeremy took lightly. He consulted his former boss for advice who suggested looking into Eleven Fifty. He wanted to make sure “this was the right place.” After reading online reviews, touring the facility, meeting with the admissions team, and taking the Intro to Coding course, Jeremy knew this is where he’d launch his next career.

Since enrolling in Eleven Fifty, Jeremy has loved the experience. When comparing the learning experience at Eleven Fifty to his college experience, Jeremy says, “You’re focused on actually learning the materials, not on a grade.” He’s enjoying the fact that Eleven Fifty is about practical coding experience right from the start, not just the information needed to pass a test. You either know how to code or you don’t, and Jeremy has the kind of grit it takes to learn coding.

What’s next for Jeremy?

Right now, Jeremy isn’t looking at one specific career goal. He’s trying to soak up as much of the learning experience as he possibly can. Though, he does hope to work in an environment focused on creating a company culture that is cooperative and friendly. He’s a hard worker and will stay on task until the task is complete.

You can learn more about Jeremy and his coding skills by visiting his github page.

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