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Our coder of the week, Nicole, is learning to be a software developer.

Nicole Jeffries set out on a mission to recode her future. Knowing that the technology industry was a great fit for her personality and goals, she set out to learn the skills she needed to break into a new career field. With her health field background and experience as a stay-at-home mom, she was equipped with grit, perseverance, and the ability to handle tough situations. Knowing she liked to tinker with code from her Myspace days, Nicole thought learning to be a coder was a great route for her future.

How Nicole Is Moving from Tinkerer to Coder

Tinkering with Myspace years ago would only get Nicole so far in launching a new career. She considered a degree in computer science, but it required far too many prerequisites and it would take years before she was ready to launch her career. The other route Nicole chose to go down to gain the skills she needed was online training. She enjoyed playing around with HTML, but she also found that online training was only going to get her so far. Looking for the right path with the right training, Nicole found Eleven Fifty.

On Her Time At Eleven Fifty Academy

After a few searches online, Nicole found Eleven Fifty and never looked back. She soon realized after meeting with the Admissions Advisor that Eleven Fifty was the right place for her to achieve her new goals. Welcomed with open arms, Nicole was comfortable the minute she entered the learning facility at Eleven Fifty. Since enrolling, she’s discovered the passion behind the staff, “The instructors and TAs go above and beyond. You can tell that they really care. And, they’re always extremely supportive.”

What’s Next For Nicole?

Once Nicole completes her program at Eleven Fifty she would like to find a career as a software developer. Her ideal workplace is one that uses Agile principles and sets realistic expectations for every employee to accomplish the task. By utilizing her people skills and maintaining her optimistic attitude about work and life, she’d be a welcome addition to a software development team.

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