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Meet Adam, he's a sports broadcaster turned coder.

In 2013, Adam Demaree graduated from IU with a sports communication degree and a dream of becoming a sports broadcaster. His dream lead him to South Bend where he actually worked as a sports broadcaster for three years. Eventually, though, Adam wanted a change of scenery. He wanted to move to Indianapolis. Competition for sports broadcasting jobs is fierce in Indy, though. So, Adam started working a retail job while he researched new career options that would allow him to live and stay in Indianapolis.

Researching and discovering Eleven Fifty Academy

It was actually a friend who sparked Adam’s original interest in becoming a coder. From that original spark, Adam went about researching. He found some online sites that could help him learn to code, but he didn’t think that would be the most efficient way to break into the tech industry. His research led him to Eleven Fifty Academy. He did a little bit of digging and discovered that “Eleven Fifty is the most efficient way to get into the tech business.”

With this knowledge, Adam set out to learn even more. He spoke to the admissions team, took a tour of the Launch Fishers campus, and even took the Intro to Coding course. He immediately enjoyed the atmosphere and Eleven Fifty’s reputation spoke enough for him.

Since enrolling, Adam has enjoyed the challenge of learning and coding, “You’re never done learning.” He says that his classmates have been great and he’s enjoyed learning all of the languages within the .NET framework.

What’s next for Adam?

Adam is looking to pursue a career in Full-Stack Development or possibly web design. He enjoys both aspects of coding, so a career in either would be great and he would love to work in an environment that is team oriented. He values honest feedback and has the work ethic and experience to back up his skills.

You can learn more about Adam and his coding skills, by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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