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Meet Matt. A coding bootcamp student with roots in self-teaching.

Matt fell in love with coding, and more specifically JavaScript, while on the job. As an instructional designer, content tester/developer, and LMS administrator Matt was able to explore JavaScript and see what the programming language was capable of accomplishing. In fact, he became so enamored with the language and the possibilities that he began to seek out how to use it more effectively. Utilizing online resources, Matt was able to stretch his knowledge a little further, but with each new step, his interest grew. He soon realized that formal instruction would be the best course of action to truly grasp his potential as a programmer.

Continuing His JavaScript Learning At Coding Bootcamp

Matt’s search for continued learning lead him to a coding bootcamp. After narrowing his search down, Matt decided to explore Eleven Fifty Academy. He spoke to the admissions team about the curriculum and the other questions he had about the program. He read online reviews and researched CIRR results.

Weighing his options, Matt decided that Eleven Fifty was the best place for him to learn more about JavaScript and launch his future career from. Since enrolling in the 12 week SmartStart coding program, Matt has discovered just how much he loves collaborating, “I love that I can bounce ideas off other students.” At Eleven Fifty, collaboration is a big part of the curriculum because coders out in the real world work closely with each other to complete projects, debug code, and enhance features. Another big positive for Matt is the instructors at Eleven Fifty, “The instructors know what they are doing, are supportive, and great to work with.”

What’s Next For Matt?

After graduating from the Eleven Fifty program, Matt wants to launch a career in JavaScript development or testing and has an interest in website design. With 5 years of corporate experience, a willingness to learn, and humble enough to know when to ask questions, Matt will be a great asset for any employer.

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