Shelby was looking for an alternative to college when she discovered coding bootcamp.

While other 18 year olds were busy thinking about Prom, their last semester of high school, or what they were going to do after graduation, Shelby was busy preparing for her career in coding. Knowing that she didn’t want to go the traditional route of a four-year college experience, Shelby started searching for other viable options. What she found was a future and a career.

Searching for an alternative, discovering coding bootcamp

At an early age, Shelby knew that college wasn’t really for her. While her schoolmates talked about where they might want to go or where they were applying to, Shelby didn’t really feel like it was the best path for her. Seeing that her daughter didn’t want to go to college, Shelby’s mom started recommending that she look into coding. Shelby took the Introduction to Coding course at Eleven Fifty and was hooked.

Become an Android developer.

She looked into other coding bootcamps options. She thought about online coding courses, but previous experiences pointed her away from that, “I prefer to be in a classroom environment for learning. Online courses aren’t enough.” For Shelby, the best part about Eleven Fifty is all of the time to work on actually coding. She loves it when the instruction stops and the coding begins. She’s also a big fan of the interaction with her classmates, “learning online means there aren’t people to interact with.”

What’s next for Shelby?

Since Shelby is technically finishing up her senior year of high school, her future is pretty open right now. She wants to become an entry-level coder, but right now she’s focused on learning the basics of coding. Eventually, she wants to work in an environment that is supportive and open enough to have fun and be serious at the same time.

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