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Kaylea is learning to code.

Working in higher education, Kaylea found herself doing a multitude of tasks, but she didn’t have any passion for what she was doing. Wanting something more out of her career, she started looking into all of her options. Kaylea knew she needed something stable and with a bright future, but going back to school wasn’t really an option. That’s when she discovered the tech industry, “tech companies don’t care about degrees, they just want to see you’ve got the skills.”

Searching for passion in a career leads to coding.

When it came time to make a decision, it was a no-brainer for Kaylea. Her future was in code. After doing some research, discovering Eleven Fifty’s career services, and taking the Introduction to Coding course, she knew Eleven Fifty was the place for her to learn the skills tech companies are looking for.

For Kaylea, it really was a combination of things that lead her to enrolling in the JavaScript SmartStart program. First off, she knew she’d be able to build the confidence she needed to enter the job market with Eleven Fifty’s career services. Secondly, meeting with Alex, an Admissions Representative at Eleven Fifty, showed her just how positive and empowering the coding experience could be. And lastly, the Intro course she took was a great insight into what she could expect from the program.

And, since enrolling and graduating from the program, Kaylea hasn’t looked back. She said her favorite thing about the program was the interactions with her classmates, “They force you to come out of your shell. We aren’t competing.”

What’s next for Kaylea?

Kaylea is looking to gain as much hands-on experience as she can. Bringing a unique mix of technical exposure, communication, and written skills to her next job, Kaylea is a great candidate for any tech company.

You can learn more about Kaylea by visiting her LinkedIn page or her GitHub portfolio.

Think you have the skills it takes to be a coder? Find out with our Characteristics of A Coder infographic. If you’re interested in hiring great talent like Kaylea, Contact Eleven Fifty to begin your hiring partnership today.



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