Charles' path to becoming a coder was natural for him.

Charles Michael’s background in retail management might not point towards him becoming a coder, but once he started coding, he was hooked. After 8 years working in music and outdoor retail and working for a review company, Charles needed a change. He felt unfulfilled in retail management, so going back down that road didn’t interest him at all. Having a sincere interest in tech, Eleven Fifty was a natural route to take.

From Retail Management to Coder

Knowing how burnt out he felt with retail work, Charles wanted to embark on a career journey he knew would go somewhere. Take a quick look at the booming industries in the Indy area and anyone can see how coding becomes a natural choice. For Charles, he wanted the stability coding could provide for himself and for his family. Couple that with his passion and curiosity for technology and Charles was ready to make his decision. But, what sealed the deal for Charles when it came to picking a coding school was the fact that Eleven Fifty is a not-for-profit, “It just made sense.”

While the non-for-profit aspect of Eleven Fifty first attracted Charles to the school, it’s been the instructors that have made the experience enjoyable, “It’s really nice having an instructor right next to you even while another one is teaching the class.” What Charles really loves about coding, though, is the freedom to create anything and everything. He loves how a line of code controls so much and when he understand how it works, he can manipulate it to do whatever he wants it to.

What’s Next for Charles?

Charles isn’t sure what exactly he wants to do with his coding skills, but he knows he wants to stay local after he graduates from Eleven Fifty. He’d love to work at a start-up and continue working on the app he’s been building. Charles wants to work in a family-oriented environment where he can get to know his coworkers.

Want to learn more about Charles and his skills? Check out his GitHub page.

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