Posted on December 20th, 2017 in Student Stories
Jeff is learning to recode his future.

Jeff was first introduced to coding in 1974 during a middle school career day, and was hooked right away. His best friend was so interested in computer and code that he saved all of his money to purchase a computer. The friends began messing around with code and the computer, but Jeff’s interests eventually led him down a different path later on.

Rediscovering His Passion For Tech and Coding

While Jeff’s main interests may have steered him away from computers and coding, he continued to learn on his own here and there. When making the decision to rediscover and reignite his early life passion of coding, Jeff looked at several coding programs. He knew pretty quickly in the process that he needed to talk to someone, so online learning or self-teaching wasn’t really an option. After looking at student reviews, touring the facility, and speaking to the admissions team, Jeff enrolled in Eleven Fifty Academy.

“The fact that these people care, permeates throughout the program,” says Jeff of the instructors and staff at Eleven Fifty. The online reviews and facility might have impressed Jeff, but it’s the people of Eleven Fifty that have made his experience so great, “Eleven Fifty Academy cares and backs it up.” The Career Readiness team, access to employers, snacks, coffee, lunch, and instructor quality were real deciding factors for Jeff. Not having to worry about the little things like where his lunch is coming from that day allows Jeff to concentrate on his learning.

What’s next for Jeff?

Jeff’s goal right now is to concentrate on his learning and to be excellent at what he sets out to do. The end goal is to become a Microsoft .NET developer, but he’s open to the opportunities and possibilities after he’s finished the SmartStart program. As for his future employers, Jeff brings determination, dedication, and experience to every job he starts and he always sees those jobs through to completion.

Think you have the skills it takes to be a coder? Find out with our Characteristics of A Coder infographic. If you’re interested in hiring great talent like Jeff, contact Eleven Fifty to begin your hiring partnership today.



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