Devan knew coding school would be the perfect way to blend his passion with his future.

Devan Peetz has been searching for the right career path for a few years. He’s been in retail sales. He’s studied at a few different schools. Pursued his hobbies as career opportunities. But, nothing has felt right to him. Being a self-proclaimed nerd, Devan has always enjoyed coding and software development. Worried that his coding hobby would be ruined if he pursued it as a career, he avoided it until he couldn’t avoid it anymore.

Pursuing hobbies leads to coding school

Devan knew he’d be passionate about his career if he pursued his hobbies. After exploring a few different interests as potential careers, Devan landed on software development. He enrolled in a traditional higher education institute and went to work. Only he found the pace to be a little slow and the idea that it would take him years to actually start his career wasn’t ideal.

After studying for some time, someone made the recommendation for Devan to check out Eleven Fifty Academy. When he looked into the coding school our SmartStart program more, he discovered a fast-paced, immersive program, designed to get him into the field quicker. Now, he’s studying .Net and working towards being a coder. As an Eleven Fifty student, Devan loves all of the work time he gets, “We get so much time to go code as opposed to traditional classrooms.” Considering himself a fast-learner, Devan loves that the fast pace of Eleven Fifty keeps him dedicated to learning.

What’s next for Devan?

Because Devan has worked in multiple settings, he has a mature perspective on working hard and being dedicated to accomplishing goals. He knows his capabilities and enjoys approaching technology from a user perspective, which is why he plans on becoming a front-end developer. While still exploring his future career, Devan is interested in front-end development because he “likes the immediate results and seeing the solution to the problem.”

Want to learn more about Devan and his skills? Check out his GitHub page.

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