Ben followed his passion for computer technology to coding bootamp.

Ben Peterson has two big loves in his life: music and technology. It was his love for those things that led him to Ball State to study music technology. He dreamed of working in a recording studio, where he could combine the two passions. It was this dream that led him to Canada to actually work in a recording studio. When he moved to Indy recently, he had trouble finding the music industry opportunities. The lack of music gigs eventually led Ben to explore the technology side of his passion in the form of coding bootcamp.

From music technology to coding bootcamp

Knowing that coding was a good career path and already having an aptitude for technology and computers, Ben started exploring his options. A quick search online and he found a few companies offering online tutorials and coding. Thinking this would be a viable option, Ben soon discovered just how difficult it was to teach himself coding. He went back to his search for a coding bootcamp that would provide more support for his goals and found Eleven Fifty Academy.

“I was looking for online coding bootcamps and found Eleven Fifty.” Since the Academy isn’t far from where Ben lives, he decided to check it out. After taking the Introduction to Coding course, Ben knew something was different about this opportunity. The online courses he tried to take didn’t work out, but with supportive staff and their follow up, Ben thought Eleven Fifty was a great opportunity. He was also looking for a program that would give him a leg up when it came time to find an entry-level coding job. He discovered that Eleven Fifty’s curriculum is based on the input of an Employer Advisory Board, which meant Ben was going to get the training he needs. Now, Ben is several weeks into his Microsoft .NET course. While it’s getting intense, he’s learning a lot very quickly.

What’s next for Ben?

Since Ben is still exploring everything that a coding career offers, his future plans are still up in the air. While he knows he wants to stay in the Indianapolis area, he’s not sure about his career, yet. App development, game creation, and virtual reality all pique his interest currently, so he expects to explore those as potential career options.

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