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Mother and son are learning to code side by side.

Rose and Nathan Bailey may have had different reasons for diving into code, but they both discovered the same thing: a new passion. Rose, a Guggenheim award recipient, is following her passion into a career of helping other women discover their full potential through code. For Nathan, he’s changed his college major because of his experience at Eleven Fifty and his new found skills.

How the Mother and Son Coders Came to Be Coders

Rose’s story begins in the doctor’s office. As a nurse working the front office, she began tinkering with code and computers. She quickly realized that her abilities weren’t being used to their full potential, and, with that understanding, she set out on her coding journey to learn more and really discover what she was capable of doing. She attended a new coding bootcamp, but found that the experience wasn’t what she was looking for. Rose wanted more out of the program, but it’s where she first learned about Eleven Fifty Academy.

Nathan’s story is a little different. He learned about Eleven Fifty through his mom. The pair talked to the admissions team and both were hooked. It was an immediate connection for both mother and son. They liked how much the instructors cared about the students, the environment of Eleven Fifty, and the flexibility provided in the classroom. The two agreed that “Eleven Fifty is a home away from home.”

On Why They Chose Coding

Both Rose and Nathan would agree that coding “is just a big puzzle.” They both like looking for the solution and fitting all of the pieces together. Coding also aligns with what they want to do in their futures. Rose wants to empower other women to realize their full potential. She wants to be involved in interactive education experiences, “you learn better by engaging with something you enjoy.” Nathan is going on to college in August, but after that, he plans on being a game developer because he loves gaming and writing code. It’s the perfect culmination of two passions.

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