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Morgan Bosshardt is a coding student at Eleven Fifty.

For Morgan Bosshardt, coding isn’t just about picking up a new skill or enhancing the ones she has. It’s about a complete change in careers. Coding, for Morgan, is about a fresh start in her life.

Morgan was raised in Silicon Valley, so she isn’t new to the tech world. She even has an electrical engineer for a father and brother, but there was a time when technology wasn’t what Morgan was looking for in a career. While she might have dabbled in Java during her college days, Morgan’s focus was on helping animals not on writing code.

When Being a Vet Tech Wasn’t Enough

After studying veterinary science and receiving her B.S. from the University of Arizona, Morgan declined an acceptance to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. However, she continued into the field as a vet technician. She wanted to help animals, but over time the work became emotionally draining for her. Helping sick animals can be rewarding, but it comes with its ups and downs and after a little while, Morgan was feeling burned out. She didn’t have the spark she once did for her work, but she found comfort in the minor computer repair work she did at the vet’s office.

Discovering The Power of Coding

Morgan became the go-to person when the computers were having issues at the vet’s office. And, while She wasn’t exactly trained to fix computers, she liked the challenge. Thanks to her dad, brother, and the few college courses she took, Morgan knew a thing or two about computers. If it hadn’t been for those moments of fixing the computers at work, Morgan may not have ever explored what coding offers. Once she did start exploring it, she realized how much she enjoys the fact that coding has the ability to manipulate computers, programs, and software.

Moving In The Right Direction

When she realized there wasn’t much of a future for her in the vet tech world, Morgan began searching for ways to go back to school and learn how to code. She was looking for something else, but knew she didn’t have time or money for a traditional degree from a 2 or 4 year school. That’s when she discovered Eleven Fifty Academy. Morgan took the Intro to Coding course to check things out. She wanted to see if coding was really something that she would enjoy. After the class was over, it all just made sense to her. She knew, hands down, that Eleven Fifty would help her launch a new career in a field that had a world of possibilities.

Since enrolling in the JavaScript course at Eleven Fifty, Morgan has discovered just how much she enjoys coding. She attributes much of her success and enjoyment to the instructors, “I like how involved and invested all of the instructors are.” She also enjoys the fast-paced nature of the immersed learning experience Eleven Fifty offers students.

What’s Next For Morgan?

When it comes to her future and her career, Morgan is pretty much an open book in the sense that she’s up for almost anything. She hasn’t quite found her niche when it comes to coding, but she knows she wants to work in an environment that encourages learning and is inclusive with an atmosphere focused on teamwork. Her long term goal, though, is to live and work in Switzerland.

You can learn more about Morgan and her passion for coding, by visiting her github page.

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