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When Julie started her accelerated learning program at Eleven Fifty a few weeks ago, she wasn’t completely unfamiliar with what was happening. While it may have been a few years since she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, she never stopped loving the idea of being in the industry. Sometimes, though, life has other plans and she was more than happy to pursue being a stay at home mom for her two children. Spending her time raising her kids and volunteering at schools around the city, Julie eventually found herself at a crossroads: what’s next?

Getting Out Of Her Comfort Zone

Being a mom is one of the most fulfilling things to Julie, but she knew that as her kids prepare to graduate high school she would need something new in her life. She heard about Eleven Fifty from a few different sources, one being her doctor’s son who took a class and suggested Julie check it out. After just a little bit of research and some recommendations, she knew that she had to reach out.

Her first impression of the academy was so positive, Julie was compelled to find out more and more. The staff at Eleven Fifty was more than happy to help her find the answers she was looking for. For Julie, everything just seemed to fall in place.

The thing that makes Eleven Fifty such an incredible experience for Julie is the staff and instructors who are more than willing to take the time to encourage each student. “I’m out of my comfort zone, but I have no problem coming every day because of the staff,” remarked Julie.

What’s Next For Julie?

For right now, Julie doesn’t have any immediate plans after she finishes her accelerated program. She’s keeping the door open to see what really piques her interest when it comes to code. But, she’s starting to lean towards software applications and quality assurance. Because she’s so detail oriented, Julie loves finding issues in code and debugging programs.

Eventually, she would love to work for a company focused on soft skill development. Knowing she isn’t an expert, she’d prefer an entry level position where she can train and continue to develop her skills.

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