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Vern Hill is a coding student on a mission to create the next great app.

In September of 2016, ITT Tech, a higher education institution that existed for more than 50 years with facilities in 38 states, closed its doors. Many students only had a few semesters under their belts, leaving them in limbo with not a lot of options. Vern Hill was one of these students.

From the Manufacturing Floor to Coding Classroom

Vern, like so many other ITT Tech students, found himself wondering what was next when the institution went under, but he knew going back to the manufacturing work he was doing before was not an option. Even though Vern is younger and in good physical condition, he was already feeling the toll of the work on his body. He knew he needed a career change. He knew he needed something that would help him develop and grow into a professional. That’s why Vern enrolled in ITT Tech in the first place.

After studying code and other subjects for three quarters at ITT Tech, Vern knew he needed to stay on the coding path. Thankfully, one of his professors and even a fellow student mentioned Eleven Fifty Academy to him. And, like so many other students, Vern knew Eleven Fifty was right for him as soon as he spoke with the staff at the academy.

Finding New Passions and Goals

Since starting classes at Eleven Fifty, Vern has enjoyed jumping into front-end development and discovering how to make interfaces look incredible. He also enjoys his interactions with instructors and students. For Vern, the best thing about Eleven Fifty is how “the instructors don’t focus just on curriculum. They help with a career path. They help us shift into a professional appearance.”

The long term goal for Vern includes building his own app. For right now, though, he’s focused on learning the language. He understands that he needs to start at a lower level and work his way up. He hopes to do just that in a work environment that allows employees to learn from each other while maintaining a high level of respect. Vern’s background in manufacturing and manual labor makes him a great employee because that work has laid the foundation in Vern that every hard working employee needs. Now, he’s working on making sure his knowledge of coding helps launch his future.

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