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Mackenzie is learning to code so she can pursue a career in technology.

Mackenzie Hartman set out to find a career that provided her with more freedom and creativity. What she found was a future full of passion and new discoveries. After completing her Associate’s Degree and while working in business consumer retail and in automotive repair sales, Mackenzie made the decision to pursue a career that she had more control over. She wanted to explore new things and work better hours. These pursuits all lead her to coding.

Looking for job security, finding passion

Mackenzie first learned about Eleven Fifty from her mom, but it wasn’t coding or the idea of coding that really drew her in. Mackenzie was after something bigger: job security. She understood early on in her coding journey that knowing how to code was really about having a piece of the future. With technology constantly evolving, Mackenzie knew that her future would be more secure by knowing how to code.

But, it isn’t all about job security anymore. Now, she actually has a passion for coding, “I like the idea of coding something and seeing how it works.” Since enrolling in Eleven Fifty and receiving a Guggenheim Grant, Mackenzie has enjoyed the atmosphere and the people she’s met, “I enjoy watching them grow and learn.” She’s found a new camaraderie in her cohort.

What’s next for Mackenzie?

When asked about the future, Mackenzie admitted that a new career path is slightly scary. Everything she’s learned up to this point has been completely new, but she’s taking off with flying colors. When it comes to her career change, Mackenzie is thinking she’ll either pursue user experience and design or project management. She’s a team player and always willing to learn new skills.

You can learn more about Mackenzie and her skills by visiting her LinkedIn profile page.

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