By any and all definitions, Cameron is a lifelong learner. As a graduate of another intense educational program, Cameron developed the aptitude for learning new things quickly, retaining that knowledge, and moving on to the next challenge. He took these skills to the career world with him. And, after 10 years with the same company, it was time to start exploring new options.

Lifelong learning leads to coding.

Cameron didn’t take leaving his job lightly. In fact, when it came time to start exploring new options, he did a lot of research. Wanting a career with a stable future and plenty of opportunity for growth, he started researching employment opportunities. As anyone who does a quick scan of the market may notice, there are a lot of coding and programming jobs available. He thought it might be a good place to start, but what he didn’t realize was just how passionate he would become about coding.

Taking his research one step further, Cameron started exploring his education options. After visiting a couple of different coding boot camps and schools, he chose Eleven Fifty Academy. Ultimately, it was the instructor’s experience in the field and their teaching style that grabbed Cameron’s attention. He wanted to be career ready as quickly as possible with the understanding that he’d need to continue his education long after he finished the program.

Having been in the program, Cameron says, “It’s designed for people who are willing to work.” Cameron is one of those people. For Cameron, the instructors are engaged and make even the difficult work fun.

What’s next for Cameron?

Cameron is exploring his career opportunities. He knows he wants to stay in the Indianapolis area, but he’s open to the coding possibilities. Ultimately, Cameron wants to be in an environment where he can combine his management and customer engagement experiences with his coding knowledge.

Eleven Fifty Academy is also excited to announce that Cameron was selected by his peers to be the Graduation Speaker at their upcoming ceremony! You can learn more about Cameron and his passion for coding, by visiting his GitHub page.

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