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Lindsay is a coder with a mission to combine music and coding.

As a recent homeschool graduate, Lindsay wanted an alternative path. She knew that a four year degree might eventually get her to where she wanted to be in life, but she also new there must be another way. Her parents were coders. She knew it was an option to become one herself and knew that it required more training rather than schooling. She started looking into different ways to enter the coding world. That’s when she discovered Eleven Fifty Academy.

From Homeschool Roots to Intensive Coding Courses

When Lindsay first discovered Eleven Fifty, she wanted to know more about it almost immediately, which is what led her to taking the Intro to Coding course. She wanted to test the waters to see if this was really something she could get into.

After completing the 2 day intro course, she wanted more. She knew this was the alternative to a four year program that she was looking for. She signed up for the JavaScript program as soon as she could. Since enrolling, she’s discovered how much she really loves coding, “I love seeing the magic of it all work together.”

As far as her experience at Eleven Fifty so far, Lindsay says, “I love how intense it is.” Coming from a homeschool background, learning on her own comes easy to Lindsay, so keeping up isn’t too difficult. Combining that skill with the dedicated instructors at Eleven Fifty, Lindsay is loving the whole experience. She says the environment makes you dedicated to the program and to the course materials.

What’s Next for Lindsay?

Lindsay sees herself as a different kind of coder. She’s young, creative, and female. Because of who she is and her background, she brings a unique perspective to coding. And, while she doesn’t have any set plans for the future right now, she’s excited about the idea of having a job in coding. She would love to combine her passion for music with her coding skills. No matter where she lands, though, she will continue to challenge herself to learn and figure out new things.

You can learn more about Lindsay and her coding skills by visiting her github page.

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