Posted on June 15th, 2017 in Student Stories
Craig is immersing himself in our coding programs

When Craig Asher graduated high school at mid-term he knew what he wanted to do. He knew that jumping right into a coding program was the right choice for him. Having taken years of coding classes in high school and having a passion for tinkering with computers, “something just clicked.”

From high school classroom to accelerated, immersive coding programs.

Before Craig made the jump from the high school classroom to the SmartStart program at Eleven Fifty, he explored his options. He looked at colleges, but realized pretty early on in the process that it wasn’t for him. The cost of tuition combined with the amount of time it takes to become career ready was too much for him. He wanted a more cost-effective way to learn the skills he needed to become a coder. That’s when he started exploring coding programs.

Craig’s research for a coding program lead him to Eleven Fifty. What first drew him to Eleven Fifty was the fact that the coding school was a non-profit, but after touring the facility, he realized there was so much more to be excited about. He loved meeting people and working out of Launch Fishers.

Since enrolling, Craig has really come to enjoy the at work portion of the program where he is free to code applications on his own. Working in teams and merging code turned out to be a really valuable experience that will help Craig in future endeavors.

What’s next for Craig?

Craig wants to hit the ground walking, so to speak. He understands that even with his skills, it’ll take him some time to become an expert coder. To help him become more versatile, he already has plans to enroll in some of Eleven Fifty’s upcoming JavaScript coding programs. He’s excited for the opportunities ahead of him and can’t wait to work with other “nerds.”

You can learn more about Craig and his coding skills by visiting his github page.

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