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Until recently, Lisa was a stay at home mom. When the time came to find her way back into the workforce, she began exploring the traditional avenue for education. She tried attending college coding courses part-time, but quickly realized she needed hands-on training to get where she wanted to go. Having worked in a help desk role at a software development company and developing controls for an energy company, she knew she wanted to learn how to code.

From an IT Background to Full Blown Coder

During her time in a help desk role, Lisa realized there was something missing to the process. It wasn’t exactly user-friendly for the customer. She wanted to bring something to the development process that made it more customer focused. Even after leaving the industry to raise her kids, that idea stuck with her. When Lisa decided she wanted to go back to work, she attended college courses for a while, but realized she needed actual hands-on experiences to start a career in coding.

Knowing she needed that hands-on experience, Lisa attended Eleven Fifty’s One Hour of Code. She was impressed with the programs and skills she saw, so she looked into the courses the Academy offered. It didn’t take long for her to become hooked on the idea of an accelerated learning program, “I like the hands-on, diving into the code immediately approach.” Since enrolling at Eleven Fifty, Lisa is getting her “hands dirty” with the code and is developing her skills.

What’s Next for Lisa?

Lisa’s long-term goal is to become a Project Manager for a software company because she’s focused on customer experience and making things happen. For now, though, she’s looking to break into the industry as Junior Developer. She would love to work at a non-profit that values employees, provides opportunities for growth and understand the importance of a balanced work life.

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