Ben is studying at a coding academy to advance his future career.

Ben Cook has always enjoyed bringing ideas to life. It’s that passion that led him to being a numbers guy. As an Assistant Financial, Investment, and Trust Officer, Ben dove deep into reports, ledgers, and contributed to a team’s higher bond portfolio performance ranking. He was able to analyze data to more effectively schedule teller shifts, improve portfolio performance, and create full-year budgets. But, Ben also recognized that the financial sector was quickly becoming overcrowded and he wanted more out of his job and current living situation. He wanted a career that had the potential to take him places. He started exploring his options and discovered that coding is an in-demand skill.

From financial industry to coding academy

When it comes to Ben’s journey into the technology field, he worked towards a sales career during college. As a software sales intern, Ben realized, through feedback, self-reflection, and personality assessments, that he’d be a better fit for the types of roles his customers were working in. So, he started looking into the possibilities of a career in technology. That’s when he really discovered coding. He then began teaching himself how to code through online tutorials and decided he needed to take the next step: enroll in a coding academy.

Ben discovered Eleven Fifty and it was a great fit for him and his future goals. He knew that the coding industry and job market were booming, but more than that, he knew that he would love the work, “I enjoy bringing ideas to life.”

What’s next for Ben?

Only in his third week of a JavaScript program at Eleven Fifty, Ben’s already enjoying front-end development and would like to pursue front-end development opportunities, but will have the skills for full stack development when he graduates. He says that since Eleven Fifty’s curriculum is built in collaboration with employers, he knows that when he graduates he’ll have the skills that companies are looking for. Ben wants to serve a company with an entrepreneurial spirit which creates as much value as possible for its customers.

You can learn more about Ben and his coding skills by visiting his portfolio or github page.

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