Meet Chris. His entrepreneurial spirit is driving his desire to code.

Chris has been paving his own path for years as a successful business owner. Having felt success and accomplishment in the world of entrepreneurship he set out to seek a new challenge. Coding was a skill that Chris became interested in a while ago, and now he had the time to explore it further.

Finding His Path in Coding

It was through word of mouth that Chris found himself at Eleven Fifty Academy. With his fascination of code already taking ahold of him, Chris couldn’t resist checking out the programs at Eleven Fifty. He was already excited about the opportunity, but it was the instructors and staff that pushed his enthusiasm to the next level.

What really got Chris, though, was the element of creation. With code, “there are endless opportunities to create,” according to Chris. He’s incredibly interested in the backend development, but front end development intrigues him as well. “I wanted the ability to create every aspect.” Fascination and curiosity are leading Chris’ future.

What’s Next for Chris?

While Chris loves the fast-paced learning environment and the instructors at Eleven Fifty, he’s already looking to his future. Whether it’s challenging himself at a technology start up or at a large organization, Chris wants to combine his functionality of backend development with his creative solutions for front end development. He wants to be the one developing proof of concepts as Solutions Architect. His ideal workplace is focused on building a team with an agile mindset.

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