Matthew is a student at Eleven Fifty Academy.

Matthew Milstead is what most would consider a “jack of all trades.” He’s worked in a Bed and Breakfast helping his mom. He’s been a mailbox installer. He’s even worked as an event bouncer. He did all of these things while balancing the challenge of school. Matthew was taking a couple of classes at a time, so he could become an electrical engineer. Trying to avoid the debt and burden of a four-year degree, Matthew started looking for an alternative that would help him get career ready faster.

Discovering Eleven Fifty Academy from a t-shirt

While Matthew was at an event bouncing, he noticed someone wearing an Eleven Fifty Academy t-shirt. Having dabbled in coding while in high school, Matthew was intrigued but forgot all about it until someone mentioned it to him later on. He decided he should look into the program.

After scheduling a meeting and tour with Eleven Fifty, Matthew knew this was the path for his future, “Eleven Fifty is getting me closer to where I want to be.” What really captured Matthew’s attention was the people and the atmosphere of the coding bootcamp, “there’s a really nice, open atmosphere.”

Now, Matthew is constantly surrounded by peers who are looking to have intelligent conversations about coding, technology, and their futures. Focused on gaining the knowledge and skills he needs for his future, Matthew is looking to be a well-rounded, versatile coder.

What’s next for Matthew?

Matthew wants to combine his passion for hardware and software for his future. The idea of building something (the hardware) and then making it run (the software) is what really appeals to Matthew. As a quick learner, he’s looking to work in an environment that provides guidelines for his work while allowing him the flexibility to complete it how he wants to.

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