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Mady shares her coding student story.

For Madyson Ward, grit isn’t just part of her pursuit in tech, it’s part of her DNA. In 2016, she was facing some challenges that might have made it seem easier just to give up on her vision of her future. But, that’s just not in Madyson’s nature. Instead, she chose to pursue every avenue possible until she found solutions and answers to her questions. Fast forward two years later and Madyson is learning new skills and is focused on what’s next.

Discovering a new passion.

As Madyson was overcoming obstacles, she learned to think about things a little differently. She came to realize just how much she wanted to make the most of her new outlook on the future. With this thinking in mind, she kept coming back to tech and coding. When she was finally at a place to pursue new avenues, she started reading about coding bootcamps.

When Madyson discovered Eleven Fifty Academy, she didn’t realize coding would turn into a passion. Like other students, Madyson interviewed with the Admissions Team and took the Introduction to Coding course, but she never realized how quickly the time could fly by while immersed in code. It was because of this that she really decided to pursue coding as a career.

Madyson quickly fell in love with the process of coding saying, “[this has been] the most fulfilling 10 weeks of my life.” She loves working with Node and all of the passionate people at Eleven Fifty.

What’s next for Madyson?

Madyson fully believes that “tech can make the world a better place” and she intends on being part of that. She wants to continue learning and pursue machine learning and Python. Eventually, she wants to work for a large organization that will help her reach her long-term goal of changing the world.

You can learn more about Madyson by visiting her LinkedIn page or her github portfolio.

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