Monica's student story is all about her love of data, organization, and analysis.

Monica Marek’s love of coding stems from another passion: data. As someone with multiple degrees in education, experience as an administrative assistant, and being a retail store manager, she is always drawn to the data aspect of every job. As an administrative assistant, she found herself working on the department’s database and even helping her colleagues better understand the database they were all working on. Monica had found her passion decided to explore the world of coding.

Student Story: From Data to Code

While exploring the world of coding and discovering how her love of data could play a role in her future, Monica did a few things on her own to try and learn how to code. She quickly realized, though, that the more she learned, the more she didn’t know. “There’s so much out there,” said Monica on trying to learn how to code on her own. Finally, her boyfriend, a graduate of Eleven Fifty Academy encouraged her to check out the programs Eleven Fifty offers. After meeting with an Admissions Rep and taking an Introduction to Coding course, Monica was sold.

She knew right off the bat that Microsoft .NET course was the right SmartStart program for her. With a focus on backend development, the Microsoft .NET program was the right one for her because she wants to work as a Database Administrator. With a strong background in .Net, Monica is setting herself up for her dream career, “This is going to be a good long-term career.”

What’s next for Monica?

Monica’s goal is to become a Database Administrator, but right now she’s focused on completing her Microsoft .Net learning experience at Eleven Fifty. When she graduates, she wants to work in a small-team environment focused on creating mentor relationships between employees. She’s committed to learning new skills and new technologies on her own time and does whatever it takes to master what she sets out to do.

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