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Adenike is learning new coding skills at Eleven Fifty Academy.

Adenike Oriolowo is no stranger to computers. In 2013, she graduated from the University of Nigeria with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After working for a few years as a computer operator in Nigeria, Adenike wanted to learn more about computers and to take her career to the next level. Adenike moved to the US to pursue more education and training in computer science. Moving to the United States meant gaining a master’s degree in computer science, but life had other plans for her.

From Computer Science to Coding

Once in the US, Adenike began pursuing opportunities to expand her current skill set, which led her to a free crash course in coding. After the course was over, Adenike was hooked. She knew that learning to code would unlock doors for her future. She loves working in the backend of an application and then seeing the results of her work play out on the front end.

Knowing that she would need help to fully develop the skills, Adenike began searching for the right program and education path. She discovered Eleven Fifty and set up a time to meet with an admissions rep. After checking out the facility, talking to the rep, and gaining a better understanding of the program, Adenike said she could, “see that I could get more.” Learning on her own simply would be too difficult. With Eleven Fifty, you’re “getting the support needed.”

What’s next for Adenike?

Adenike loves cyber security. For her, it’s all about testing and debugging software. As far as her future is concerned, she says, “I want to dive even more into code.” Soaking up experience is her focus right now, but she’s looking forward to working in a team environment where she can be a catalyst to increase productivity.

Adenike would also like to thank her husband, sister, and best friend for their support while she’s studying to be a coder.

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