Jeremiah is working on his coding skills.

Jeremiah’s love of computing began when he enrolled in college. As a software engineering student, he was pursuing his dreams of developing his own business concept. However, after taking time off of college, he needed a way to provide for himself and complete his degree. His plans now, though, include business school because he’s found a new path to reach his coding dreams.

Computer engineering student turns to Eleven Fifty for coding skills

As a budding entrepreneur, Jeremiah was studying computer engineering because he had an idea for a business. He wanted the knowledge to create his idea on his own. After taking time away from school, he discovered Eleven Fifty Academy.

At first, his interest in Eleven Fifty was sparked by the idea that learning how to code would complement his future degree in computer engineering. Then, he realized he would learn everything he needed to know about programming from Eleven Fifty. Now, Jeremiah plans on developing his coding skills at Eleven Fifty and completing a degree in business later.

At Eleven Fifty, Jeremiah is already learning tons of great coding skills, “I learned more in the first week than I did in a semester at college.” Jeremiah attributes much of his learning success to the staff and instructors who, “you can tell they care by the way they teach.”

What’s next for Jeremiah?

As an entry-level programmer, Jeremiah’s plan includes finishing school and using his new coding skills at a company that provides opportunities for growth. While he does eventually want to launch his own business, Jeremiah wants to complete his four-year degree. He also wants to start a new career in coding while he finishes the degree.

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