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Andrew is learning to be a coder at Eleven Fifty Academy.

Andrew Davis may be new to coding, but he’s certainly not new to the technology field. Having spent 6 years working intelligence in the Air Force and 4 years as a technician for AT&T, Andrew wanted to know more about how the technology he was using actually worked. He understood networking, but wanted a deeper understanding. The pursuit of that knowledge led him to coding.

From technician to coder

Andrew’s pursuit started with a single question, “How can I learn more?” He knew of some coding languages, so he began by gaining a deeper understanding of the different languages and frameworks coders use. From there, he found online coding schools, but knew that they wouldn’t compare to the experience of learning to code in a classroom.

With that understanding, Andrew discovered Eleven Fifty and met with the Admissions team. Since enrolling, Andrew says it’s been “a firehose of information.” His favorite thing, though, is “going through it with others [because it] pushes you to move forward. Forces you to keep up and stay competitive.”

What’s Next For Andrew?

Half way through the program, Andrew is already thinking about what’s next. He isn’t entirely sure what career he will pursue after graduating from Eleven Fifty. For right now, his focus is on developing a deep understanding of frontend and backend development, “I want to have a grasp on both.” No matter what career Andrew ends up in, he wants to work for a company that promotes a culture of curiosity and learning.

You can learn more about Andrew and his coding skills by visiting his github portfolio and LinkedIn profile.

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