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Adam Smith Eleven Fifty Student of the week

At Eleven Fifty, we do our best to recognize the hard work and focus that our students put into enhancing their careers and ultimately, their lives. However, there is a component of their success that is seldom brought to the public eye and that is the support they receive from friends and family. In the case of current Eleven Fifty student Adam Smith, it was the support from home that took him down a career path he never envisioned.

Family of Coders

Adam’s father and wife are both coders, but most of his professional life has been spent in the corporate finance and accounting world. His intelligence, work ethic, and drive helped him move up the ranks over the years, but one thing kept his ceiling lower than others around him. To take his career to the next level Adam would need to make a major investment in time and money to obtain his college degree.

Frustrated that he had the knowledge and experience, but not the qualification to make a larger impact in the organization, Adam wasn’t sure where to go from there. His options to stay put, pursue his degree, or seek a career change all presented unique and costly challenges. Seeing his struggle and wanting to help, Adam’s wife decided to surprise him with a gift to take a 2-day Introduction to Coding course at Eleven Fifty Academy.

New Found Passion

Adam’s coding experience was limited to some basic High School instruction on HTML and Visual Basic. Never was it something he had considered pursuing as a career. While appreciative of the support from home to expand his options, he was certain coding wasn’t the way to go. “The whole way there on the first day I was trying to think of how I would get out of having to go back for the second.”  It didn’t matter. One day turned into two, which then led to toying around with code at home in his free time, and eventually researching coding boot camps to fine tune his new passion.

Once Adam decided to take that first step of leaving his career to pursue a job in tech, he found himself once again at Eleven Fifty. Now enrolled in the JavaScript SmartStart program, Adam feels confident that he is in the right place. The immersive program as Adam puts it, “feels like a professional coding environment”, and he’s happy to be able to focus on coding during his time in the classroom rather than distractions from other subjects. Beyond that. he likes how the instructors recognize the abilities of individual students and challenge them accordingly to help them grow.

Next Steps

When Adam completes his time at Eleven Fifty he would love to get started debugging code in a quality assurance role as he continues to gain an understanding of all that code can do. He’s comfortable in a large corporate culture and brings years of experience from his corporate finance days, but also likes the idea of getting in on the ground floor of a startup. Wherever Adam lands after graduation, he’ll have his drive to succeed, and the knowledge and support of his family to make the most of the opportunity. If you think Adam would be the right fit for your company, check out his LinkedIn profile then set up a call with our Career Readiness team to discuss how we prepare our students to hit the ground running.

Everyone’s path to Eleven Fifty Academy is unique, and we love to hear about all of them. Whether you’re looking to start, change, or enhance your career, we’d love to discuss your motivation and help get you started on the right path. If this sounds like what you want for your next career move, give us a call or check out the Eleven Fifty Student page to see more stories like this one. 



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