Tracy’s path to coding actually started somewhat in her previous career. She spent years in nonprofit management and fundraising when she decided she was looking for more. Her experience with coding was limited, but she liked to play around with simple code as a kid and loved math and science. But until this point, she wasn’t sure how to combine her soft skills and passion for the humanities with her love of math and science.

Inspired By the Humanities

As Tracy was considering what to do next, she came across a quote from Steve Jobs “technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.” This idea inspired Tracy to pursue both of her passions through coding. Her experience and soft skills, married with technical skills would be the best path to propel her to a fulfilling career.

Once Tracy decided to take that step into coding, she found Eleven Fifty Academy. She already has her Bachelor’s degree and knew she wasn’t looking for another four-year education path, but she wanted an education that would help her gain that extra skill set to open up new opportunities. After an introductory course at Eleven Fifty, Tracy knew it was the place for her.

Support and Scholarship

Tracy has had a lot of support in pursuing her new goals, her husband and friends encouraged her to enroll or see if it was a good fit. As a developer himself, her husband knew how challenging it could be, but knew she was up to the task. She also got support from Indy Women in Technology, who awarded her with a scholarship to pursue her education at Eleven Fifty Academy. Indy Women in Technology is an organization that helps provide women the financial support, mentoring, training, and education to pursue tech-related employment.

“My venture into the coding world is a big change for me. One that IWiT has helped make possible.”

Looking to the Future

After graduation, Tracy’s goal is to find a career that gives her the ability to use her full skill set. She wants to continue growing through code and wants to keep learning as she progresses.

Her advice to people thinking about enrolling at a coding bootcamp? Just get started and get your feet wet. Take a few courses and try things out to see if it would be a fit for you. Don’t let lack of experience deter you. Coding was something Tracy had thought a lot about in the past but kept coming back to. After her intro course, she knew it was finally time to start her career into coding.

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