Student Spotlight: Jon Jeffries

Jon is no stranger to Eleven Fifty Academy. In a lot of ways, he’s been through the bootcamp experience before. Less than a year ago, Jon’s wife attended Eleven Fifty Academy. Initially, when Jon’s wife went through the program, she kept telling Jon she thought he would really like the curriculum and the opportunities. So when it came time for Jon to consider something outside of his career as a carpenter, he was ready to take his turn at Eleven Fifty.

A Coding Career Change

Jon has spent much of his career in carpentry, but seeing his wife go to Eleven Fifty, he thought of his love for learning and desire to do something different in his career. Jon decided to make a change and enroll in the JavaScript course. When asked why JavaScript he described the amount of opportunity in the language.

“Javascript skills are desired by a lot of employers. As a web-based language, there are so many applications for JavaScript. There’s also a lot of room for growth in JavaScript careers.”

Choosing An Accelerated Path

Jon had options for his coding education but knew the experience his wife had and wanted the same for himself. He knew he wanted an accelerated path, an atmosphere that would set him up for success, and people ready to help him land a job at the end of the course.

“The staff and faculty here are so helpful and interested in our success. I think that’s been the most surprising thing about being at Eleven Fifty so far. It’s very apparent how invested they are in each of us. For my wife, one of the instructors, Paul, went out of his way to teach her and other graduates C# to help prepare them for their new roles at Geico. He gave his own time to help them be as successful as possible. It just shows how above and beyond everyone is willing to go to see us succeed.”

We asked Jon what he would say to someone considering enrolling in a coding bootcamp.

“If you can afford the time off, do it. I would challenge anyone to find a better return on investment for the time and money. If you’re the type of person looking at job boards and excited about a job offering $15 an hour, you can do so much more after 12 weeks at Eleven Fifty and it’s so worth it. The skills keep building on themselves, giving you even more opportunities as you grow in a career.”

Outside of the Classroom

When Jon isn’t in class, he can typically be found woodworking, golfing or reading up on the latest cryptocurrency news. Long before people started talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrency as much as we do now, Jon was fascinated by the technology. As far back as 2011, Jon was researching and reading as much as he could. This fascination still drives him today and he would love to pursue a career in something related.

“I’ve always been really interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I think it would be interesting to work with these technologies. Really the opportunities are endless.”

As for what’s next for Jon, he looks forward to seeing the opportunities that come after he completes the course.



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