Iesha D. Eleven Fifty Student Spotlight

Iesha is the type of person who knows what she wants out of life. She takes on challenges and is not afraid to set a new path for herself. It’s this quality that made her rethink her career in the insurance industry. She knew she could do more with her career, and with a young daughter, she was ready to do something that would open the door to more opportunities for her and her family.

Ready For Change

Iesha was ready for a change, but having already earned her degree, she wasn’t looking for another four-year education path. As she was thinking about her next career move, she thought back to her time in college. While earning her degree, Iesha took some computer science courses, thinking it would be a good idea to round out her education and give her more skills when it came time to enter the workforce. Those courses would later become the catalyst for pursuing a career in technology. She knew it was time for a change and she was ready to get back into tech and set her sights on bigger and better opportunities.

The Road to Eleven Fifty

When it came to selecting a school, she was not about to waste her time. After being referred by EmployIndy, she decided to come to Eleven Fifty and check things out for herself. After an afternoon of shadowing classes and getting to know the instructors, Iesha thought this might be the place to get her to where she wanted to be in her career. Iesha’s visit gave her the opportunity to meet people going through the bootcamp and talk with them about their experiences. What she found surprised her. She found people much like herself. Motivated, passionate and down to earth. Initially, when thinking about a room full of coders, people might imagine a silent room with eyes focused on screens. But what Iesha found was a group of people from all walks of life, with varying personalities, strengths and work styles.

Learning Skills For the Future

Iesha decided JavaScript was the right path for her and enrolled. Now in the fifth week of the program, Iesha says she has already noticed a few changes within herself. She is more self-reliant and independent. She appreciates the self-learning because that is exactly what a life of coding is going to be like for her in the future.

“No one knows everything. You can still make mistakes, no matter what level you’re at. It’s about thinking on your feet and solving problems. You’re always troubleshooting. People think coders are these super-geniuses, but really they are hard working, down to earth people who know how to solve complex problems without giving up.”

We asked Iesha what she would say to someone considering a coding bootcamp. She said the biggest thing she would recommend is to come in and get a sense of the atmosphere.

“Take the intro class, or just come visit. They’ll let you shadow to get an idea if this is the right fit for you. A big part of learning is your environment, so I would tell people to come check it out before they enroll.”

As for what’s next for Iesha, she’s looking forward to getting her career started. She looks forward to growing her skills and to continue learning. Iesha embodies much more than an interest in coding, she has the curiosity, independence, and persistence to be successful in any role she takes on next.

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