Recoding the workforce is all about developing skills of the future.

There’s a growing skills gap impacting the success and growth of communities all over the state of Indiana and the United States as a whole. This skills gap revolves around emerging and evolving technologies. Communities, especially smaller towns and cities, are losing their workforce and citizens to communities offering more and, often, better work opportunities. The growing technology skills gap will, by 2020, amount to over 1 million various computing jobs. The best way to combat and close this skills gap is by recoding the workforce.

What does recoding the workforce mean?

Because the world is becoming more and more connected to and with technology, the workforce also needs to adapt to the changing environment. Everyday items like crockpots are becoming “connected” devices. These devices and other technologies function off code, collect data, and are retooled to be more efficient than ever before. Driving much of this change and progress are coders. Recoding the workforce means updating the workforce’s skills to match those of evolving technologies and employer needs. The future is in technology. A workforce without the skills to meet that future, means a community will not live up to it’s full potential. Recoding the workforce is about giving current workers and future workforce the skills they need to keep up with the changing workplace environment.

Where do you start recoding the workforce?

Recoding the workforce needs to start early in the education process. How early? Kindergarten and first grade is the perfect time to begin teaching kids the skills they need to be successful later in life. Using tools like Raspberry Pis, young students can begin laying the foundation of a future in computer programming. But, that’s not the only place to start.

The current workforce can recode their future right now by developing the most in-demand, and employer-relevant skills. Through outreach programs, Eleven Fifty Academy has helped over 24,000 students of various backgrounds, ages, and skill sets all over the state develop the skills they need to meet the needs of employers. Beyond that the SmartStart immersive coding programs at Eleven Fifty offer a quicker path to purpose when it comes to careers of the future. Recoding the workforce starts with a shift in focus. It isn’t necessarily about education, but about people. By focusing on helping improve lives by giving them the tools they need to be employable and in-demand, communities can grow and flourish.

Learn the skills you need to become a Microsoft .Net coder.

What does the community gain from recoding the workforce?

Communities that aid their workforce in recoding their futures and skills gain untapped and unlimited potential. A workforce equipped with 21st century skills can help communities increase new businesses, tax revenues, and even community brand awareness. As the workforce gains new skills, they’ll become a talent pool ready to be tapped, which is enticing for start up businesses and enterprises looking to grow, which leads to increased business tax revenue for the community. Beyond those advantages, recoding the workforce also means that workers have new skills to put into practice, which means advancing their careers, making more money, and bringing that money back into the community.

Are you ready to start recoding your workforce? Maybe you want to recode your future? Eleven Fifty Academy can help you advance your skills and improve your community. Contact us to learn how!



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