Posted on December 1st, 2020 in Community, Eleven Fifty Academy, Veterans in Tech

Here at Eleven Fifty, our relationship with students never ends with graduation. Our Career Services team works one-on-one with students to identify their career goals, specific strengths in coding, areas of passion, and other vital information. This lets us support them in a career they love throughout their professional lifetime. This comes as they depart our highly-motivated learning environment where students acquire everything they need to know to succeed in web development, app or software development, cyber security, and beyond.

Our educational programming and career services support would not be possible without so many partnerships that Eleven Fifty appreciates and treasures. We and our students are supported by a wide array of community organizers, educators, financial donors, educators, and hiring partners. These partnerships are mutually beneficial due to Eleven Fifty’s commitment to strengthening the tech talent pipeline by serving career seekers and career changers. We extend our endless gratitude to all of our partners. Today, we’d like to introduce you to….

Hiring Our Heroes!

Hiring Our Heroes (HOH) is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce-based organization that works on behalf of United States veterans and military spouses in need of worthwhile and meaningful employment. Whether they’re early in a transition out of service or have been back in civilian life a long while, these veterans are all heroes that deserve our respect and support. After the initiative was launched in 2011, HOH took no time in getting right to work.

Through Hiring Our Heroes, more than 31,000 vets and military spouses to date have successfully found employment thanks to sponsored events and job fairs throughout the country. After years of success, the group took its work even further through the Hiring 500,000 Heroes project, started in 2018. Two short years later, HOH has recorded an incredible 505,000 confirmed veteran and military spouse hires at companies of all different sizes.  

We have long recognized how Eleven Fifty’s style of immersive, intensive tech training is a uniquely perfect fit for veterans to transition to careers in tech. Perhaps it’s their work ethic, or the commitment to teamwork that makes coding bootcamps, and careers in tech, such a great fit for veterans. It helps these job-changers that Eleven Fifty bootcamps are 16 times faster than any four-year program for computer science. We achieve this efficiency without sacrificing any of the knowledge or hands-on training found in traditional educational routes.

Once Eleven Fifty met with HOH, speaking about the tech talent gap in Indiana today, it became abundantly clear that a partnership with HOH was a dream in the making. HOH continues to work with Eleven Fifty to ensure that our courses are covered by the G.I. Bill. This means we can tell transitioning soldiers that, if their application is approved, most of it not all of their tuition and books will be covered by the bill. 

But more than anything else, we know our veterans are a great fit because of the commitment they made to our country. We understand that the transition from soldier to citizen can be an overwhelming time, but thanks to Hiring Our Heroes, Eleven Fifty Academy is just happy to help in any way we can.

To learn more about Hiring Our Heroes, visit its website here.



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