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Ransford Walker Eleven Fifty Student

Ransford Walker is a nature lover. The time he enjoys most is out in nature. He took this passion and applied it to studying biology at Indiana University, and while he loved the major and the topics he learned about, after graduation, there was a limit to where he could go and the number of available jobs. After college, Ransford took a manager position at Chick-fil-a, but he wanted the opportunity to start a career that would challenge him and give him room for growth.

When we sat down with Ransford, he talked a lot about the opportunities available from enrolling in a coding bootcamp and how a career in coding would improve his life overall.

Becoming A Coder

Ransford didn’t come to Eleven Fifty with a lot of coding knowledge or technical background. He never really saw himself as a coder.

“I thought it was all ones and zeros, like something out of the Matrix. I really didn’t think it was for me.”

As he started to think about where to go next in his professional career, he talked with friends about different avenues he could take. His friend Tom McClellen happens to be an instructor at Eleven Fifty and after talking with him, Ransford decided Eleven Fifty might actually be a great option for him. Even within the first few weeks of the course, Ransford said his quality of life has already improved a lot.

“I’m planning on having a family, and I wanted to give my wife the option to stay home with the kids if that’s what she chooses to do. I want to make sure I have a secure career and Eleven Fifty is the fastest route to that goal. I’ve already noticed an improvement in my schedule.”

Changes Through Coding

When we asked Ransford if he’s changed at all since starting at Eleven Fifty, he explained how surprised he was with how absorbed he gets in solving problems.

“Every small victory feels great. There are ups and downs, but there’s always something new to learn. I’ve changed a lot in that I don’t get stressed about making errors or mistakes. I’ve learned how to problem solve and how to better manage my time and the importance of taking breaks.”

Having gone to IU, Ransford was familiar with rigorous coursework but said that he likes the Eleven Fifty format. He likes that the course isn’t just a lecture. He appreciates the hands-on learning and self-guided learning. The team of faculty and other students help guide him, and there are also resources and a safety net in place if he needs it.

“It never hurts to ask questions. Most people are willing, and happy, to give advice and guidance. If you’re nervous about something, just ask for help.”

Advice To Future Coders

When we asked what he would say to someone thinking about taking a coding bootcamp course, he talked about the perception of coding and how it shouldn’t hold people back.

“I would tell people it’s not as scary as it sounds. I really did think it was all ones and zeros, but it’s not. If you can think logically, you’ll be surprised by how much you already know. The methods in coding can be applied to so many other things and once you start understanding the code, it becomes easier to problem solve.”

When Ransford isn’t in the classroom, it’s no surprise he likes to spend time outside. He enjoys bird watching and keeps track of all the birds he sees. He also likes woodworking and metal crafting in his spare time, something he hopes to have a lot more for after graduating from Eleven Fifty.

Read more stories like Ransford’s on our alumni page! What will your story be? Schedule a call with one of our team members to talk about your future and where a career in code can take you!

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