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By: Angie Washburn, .NET Accelerated Learning Program Student

Graduation is quickly approaching. As I reflect on my experiences from the beginning of my .NET 9-week journey at Eleven Fifty Academy, I have taken the time to go back through my journal and notes to share my thoughts and lessons learned.

My decision to take on a coding boot camp was not an easy one. There were several components that I had to weigh in order to come to a final decision. I had many conversations with my career coach. I had a list of the pros and cons of being in the pilot group of Eleven Fifty Academy’s .NET Accelerated Learning Program. I knew as I prepared for the first day of class that the work/life balance was going to be an ongoing factor for me.

The first few weeks were like anything else new; lots of introductions to new concepts and people. One of the best things about the Academy is the staff. It doesn’t matter the job title, EVERYONE at the Academy is there to help with your journey. It is the personal attention that has made me not feel lost in the entire process.

While I have learned way too many concepts, thoughts, ideas, processes, systems, languages, and methodologies to write about in this short post; it is the absolute trust in the instructors to guide me on this journey that has helped me solidify and continue on my coding journey.

I’ve had frustrating moments with hardware and software alike. There have been times when I thought I might not get what was being taught. Lots of ups and downs. But then you have days like I had last Friday afternoon – “Aha” moments; when things start clicking and you get things to work. Those are the moments that propel me into more code and additional concepts. And it is there I can actually see myself grow.

What advice would I give someone thinking about this? I’ve actually been asked this a time or two during the nine weeks. First, keep an open mind. Don’t get overwhelmed by the details. Second, take notes. I know my class poked fun at me a time or two, but writing it down helped me reinforce things a bit – everyone learns differently! Third, trust your instructors and the staff. They are helping you become a well-equipped coder with a passion to grow your knowledge and propel you into a world of possibilities. And finally, breathe! While there have been ups and downs, in the end, I’ve made some really amazing connections, learned more than I ever imagined, and realized a dream.




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