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Coding schools are called coding Bootcamps for a reason. They are intensive training programs designed to prepare people for tough situations, something veterans are familiar with. While these high-intensity programs can be difficult, veterans have a unique advantage because of their previous experience and skills gained in the military. Think back to your own experience. The skills you gained are perfectly suited for coding boot camps because you and other veterans like you have already developed some of the most difficult skills everyone must learn in their coding career.

What Is Coding and WIIFM?

Let’s start with the basics before we rush into the boot camp experience. So, what is coding? Coding is a collection of computer languages used to develop the apps, websites, and software we use every day. Once you have an understanding of coding and experience using coding skills, you can apply that knowledge to a career in pretty much any industry. You’re probably thinking ‘okay, that’s great, but WIIFM (what’s in it for me)?’ What’s in it for you is a high paying career with room to grow. Once you have the skills, you have the opportunity for a career that will only grow over time as you develop your skills.

Teamwork and leadership

Regardless of the branch of the military, teamwork is an integral part of serving. Veterans have developed skills for working with others to solve problems and achieve goals. How does this apply to coding? Coding boot camps rely on students working closely together to solve problems and improve their skills. Many people think coding is something people do and learn completely on their own, but some of the best learning is done together. Most importantly, these skills are critical once a student is outperforming work in their career. Most jobs require some level of co-working, and adapting to that work style can be difficult for those who don’t have developed teamwork skills.

Critical thinking and problem solving

Soldiers are trained problem solvers. Without access to some of the tools and comforts many of us rely on day to day, soldiers must come up with creative solutions to complex problems. In coding, this is a skill necessary to create new technology, solve problems, and move ahead. When veterans come to learn to code, they have some of this fundamental knowledge on how to find the answers they need.

Cross-functional communication

Not only do veterans know the skills it takes to work as a team, many are also highly effective communicators. High-intensity situations require clear and effective communication, and people who have served often develop and use this type of communication. As it applies to coding is in working with teams but also working with employers. A good employee can discuss problems and solutions clearly with leadership. They can express their ideas clearly and find the answers to tough questions by expressing and understanding difficult concepts.

Attention to Detail

The military teaches attention to detail exceptionally well. One obvious example is in military appearance regulations. Pressed uniform, clean shave, shined shoes. While these might seem like small details, they do a lot in instilling attention to the fine details and making sure no loose hair is overlooked. This attention to detail is seen throughout military training and service. Applying that attention to detail is one of the most attractive things employers look for in employees. In a coding boot camp environment, attention to detail is critical for writing good code and finding success in a coding career. This skill is critical even before a coding boot camp starts. To use the most of your time and resources, choose coding schools with accolades and awards for the most rigorous and effective courses. Seeking out the information and paying attention to credentials helps you make the best decision from the start.

A lot of people think coding is for highly technical people with years of experience and interest in science and technology, but in reality, a career in coding is much more than that. It takes a wide variety of skills and most importantly determination. If you’re a veteran looking to transition to a great career with growth opportunities, you already have a head start! These are just a few of the skills veterans have that make them a great fit for a career in code. If you’re ready to take the next steps toward your career, learn more about our courses and the GI Bill here.

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