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With literally thousands of coding languages in existence today, it can be challenging for those entering the field of software development to decide where to begin. We think one great place is the Microsoft .NET framework. 

If you know a little about coding already, this might be a full-stop moment as you wonder, “Is .NET still used?” And the answer is yes—in fact, more than ever! The Microsoft .NET framework is a development platform that supports running websites, services, desktop applications, and more on the Windows operating system. Commonly, this platform is referred to as .NET. Learning .NET isn’t the same thing as learning a coding language. Instead, this is about learning a place where you will write code in many languages and see it come to life. 

So, what is .NET framework and its benefits? Let’s explore a little more about this development platform and environment, which has grown beyond the Windows desktop to power important, useful, and popular software across devices and operating systems.

.NET Includes Other Programming Languages

One basic and practical reason that .NET is so popular is because many other programming languages are built into the development platform. These include popular programming languages like HTML, C#, C++, Java, and a few dozen others. Within .NET, pieces of code that are written in these languages can work together and all be understood by the computer. This feature makes it a popular platform for teams where developers all write code in different languages to work together and achieve their goal. 

.NET Makes Coding Simple

.NET isn’t just a development platform where the code is written. Over time and along with the evolution of computing, it’s been expanded to become a runtime environment. This means it helps the code be executed by the computer or device. This allows developers to write code in .NET that can run on Linux and MacOS systems in addition to Windows. This is one reason many games, email, and chat apps are especially created in .NET.

The Microsoft .NET framework is also home to a code library that gives developers a leg up on their project. With code pre-written for basic features and functionality, developers can avoid having to reinvent the wheel and instead focus on achieving innovation. 

.NET Empowers Creative Diversity

The flexibility and accessibility of coding with .NET make it a premier choice for today’s developers, startups, and established businesses. From small to large applications, intended for mobile or desktop use (or both), .NET allows developers to focus on data management, scalability, and creating cross-platform experiences that users love. 

With all this technical capability, you might wonder, “Is .NET easy to learn?” Keep in mind that .NET itself is simply the coding environment. Learning to code in .NET means learning programming languages like C#, C++, HTML, and Java that will allow you to work in the .NET framework. 

Software developer jobs are growing fast, and full of opportunity for those with skills and a readiness to learn more. In our software developer bootcamp, we teach the .NET framework alongside the basics of multiple programming languages. This means that in 12-16 weeks you’ll not only know how to write code, but also how to run that code and produce results on a computer or device.  Reach out to admissions team and learn how to transform your career and your future in a matter of months at Eleven Fifty Academy.



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