Gutwien law professional teaching eleven fifty coding class

When you enroll in a coding bootcamp, you probably imagine long days spent at a computer writing lines of code and fixing bugs. Or maybe you picture hours of trial and error, working tirelessly to understand a new code language. While these are definitely part of the coding bootcamp experience, our aim is to make students career ready, not just good at writing code. To help us do this, we have an outstanding team of instructors, advisors, and partners contributing to our curriculum with special sessions and lectures. One of these partners teaches something a lot of students don’t expect to learn about when enrolling in a code school – law.

Our partners at Gutwein Law bring a new perspective to the classroom to help students understand laws surrounding intellectual property, business, and more.

What does Gutwein Law teach during their partner session?

The attorneys at Gutwein work hard to make the classes valuable to students. They help educate the students on what to look out for when they take on their new careers. Conversations typically center around the students’ own interests. Every course is different, but hot topics include employment contracts, non-competes, IP law, patentable ideas to name a few. Not all topics are covered in the session, but the goal is to give students a baseline of understanding.

Why does Gutwein Law partner with Eleven Fifty?

Gutwein Law does a lot of work with startups and technology businesses. They were interested in what Eleven Fifty was doing and wanted to get involved, so we started a partnership to teach how law applies to starting a new career in the technology space.

Gutwein Law attorneys specialize in a lot of the same disciplines that students will be working in. They know the ins and outs of employment law, which is extremely beneficial for students taking their first steps into a professional career or transitioning to a new industry.

How do students benefit from knowing about the law?

The partnership with Gutwein Law gives our students the opportunity to ask questions, hear from professionals, and learn what to look out for as they start their new careers. Each quarter, the Gutwein team comes to Eleven Fifty to teach an interactive course on where technology and law intersect. Topics like business agreements, intellectual property, fundraising and capital are often covered in these sessions.

Students take many different paths after graduating from Eleven Fifty Academy, so we try to prepare them by talking about topics like fundraising and capital for those who might want to start their own business. Or employment contracts for those thinking about accepting employment with a company.

How can students use this information?

Students are always encouraged to dream big and go for big goals, and for a lot of people that’s developing their own software, starting a company, or developing an app. To build our technology community, we need to help people not just build their dreams, but protect them with the right legal advice. A legal budget isn’t always top of mind when starting out, but without knowing the legal landscape, new businesses run the risk of everything, and that’s what we’re hoping to prevent. Gutwein works to be part of providing a solution to protect one of the most valuable assets students have – their ideas. We help students know when they should have a law professional take a look at something before signing contracts or agreements.

Not only is Gutwein Law a valuable partner for Eleven Fifty, the attorneys do a lot of work for nonprofit organizations around Indiana. The partnership between Eleven Fifty and Gutwein Law is part of an ongoing effort to support the technology industry here in Indiana and beyond. Gutwein Law shares the vision of propelling innovation in the tech environment, which is part of the reason they give their time to our students and the future tech leaders that come from coding bootcamps. We’re thankful to have such dedicated and knowledgeable partners to help us in the effort of closing the skills gap with a motivated and skilled workforce. To learn more about Gutwein Law, you can visit their website and get to know the attorneys.

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