Danial is combining his past experiences with new coding skills.

Daniel Schroeder has always had a passion for technology, but never had the right opportunity to pursue. After working in manufacturing, shipping, and receiving, and after starting a family just a few months ago, Daniel decided something needed to change. That’s when he discovered coding bootcamps and Eleven Fifty Academy.

From manufacturing to marrying experience with new skills

Daniel has three reasons for pursuing coding. The first being his passion for technology. It’s always existed, but he never actually dove into it. The second being the fact that he just started a family and is looking for a bump in pay while following a passion. These things all led Daniel to Eleven Fifty. While the Admissions team, location, and the fact that Eleven Fifty is a non-profit all drove Daniel to Eleven Fifty, it was ultimately the environment that helped him make a decision, “Eleven Fifty has the right culture, the right feel.”

Become an Android developer.

Since enrolling in the Microsoft .NET SmartStart program, Daniel has really enjoyed, “getting to know the basics and logic of programming.” He enjoys diving deeper into code during class and on his own and is really enjoying C#.

What’s next for Daniel?

Daniel’s plan for the future involves combining his experience and his new skills, “I’ve discovered it’s better to marry my experience with new skills.” This understanding has lead him to pursuing a career as a CNC and PLC programer. Daniel will have a unique perspective on the trade and experience that other workers simply don’t have. Combined with his attitude of believing “there aren’t any problems we can’t solve,” Daniel is set for future success.

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