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A lot of things in life take us down unexpected paths. As we grow, mature, and learn, the vision we set out with changes. Here at Eleven Fifty, we see that change as an opportunity to shift goals and aim higher than initially ever thought possible. Many students we see are what we call ‘career changers’. This term refers to the people who come to Eleven Fifty to gain new or more skills to change to an entirely new career that offers something they were missing before. This can be anything from more opportunity for growth, challenges, or more connection to a community of people. We took a look back at some of our alumni and share the path they found themselves on and how it changed their lives.

Tracy D

Just a few months ago, Tracy came to Eleven Fifty with years of experience in nonprofit management and fundraising looking for something with more room for growth. Tracy is one of the success stories that started with her making a career change into coding. Thanks to her hard work and the support from family, friends, staff and Indy Women in Tech, Tracy graduated from Eleven Fifty and soon found a position utilizing her skills. Now working as a Solutions Architect at Offprem, a SalesForce Implementation Partner company, she continues to build on the skills she developed at Eleven Fifty while exploring her new passion for technology. Read her student story from her time at Eleven Fifty. Tracy is an excellent example of finding pride and passion in a new industry after just 12 weeks.

Tracy D Student spotlight

Angie Washburn

An alumni story we love to share comes from a student from our very first cohort. Angie Washburn came to Eleven Fifty looking for a new journey. She had experience in the medical and technology industries. After taking time away from work to raise her children, she wanted to grow her experience and her network. After graduating, she pursued her dream and ended up reaching the goals she set for herself. Angie is an inspiring role model not only for career changers, but all students at Eleven Fifty. Her work and inspiring story have helped many people, specifically, women, see that they too can accomplish their dreams by stepping out of their comfort zones and challenging themselves with a new path. See Angie tell her alumni story below and hear about all of the incredible things she has achieved since graduating from Eleven Fifty.

Monica Marek

Monica’s mind was built for numbers. She came to Eleven Fifty with multiple degrees in education and vast experience in a variety of positions but the one aspect she enjoyed the most in every position she held was the data. When she stopped to consider how deep her passion ran with data, she thought about her own future career path and how applying that love of numbers could give her more opportunities in different capacities. After learning a few things on her own, she decided to take the opportunity and enroll in Eleven Fifty and jumpstart her new career. It was clear in her time at Eleven Fifty this was a great fit for Monica and after graduation, she came on board as a curriculum developer. Recently, Monica took her skills and applied them to a new position at GEICO, where she is a Program Analyst. It has been incredible watching her grow into the technology professional she is today and we can’t wait to see where else her journey takes her in the future.

What would you do with a change in career? Take a look at the path you’re on and consider if that path is still the right one for you. We are so proud of all of our alumni, and the career changers who found something that ignited their passions and put them on paths to more fulfilling careers. Is it time for you to make a change? We encourage you to reach out, talk to someone and see what could be possible!

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