Coding students at Eleven Fifty have a unique learning experience.

When aspiring programmers enter the Eleven Fifty Academy learning experience, we try to help them understand exactly what it’ll be like. We explain that the program is immersive, which means you code in class. We’ve removed the fluff and implemented a curriculum that is all about doing. We also explain to incoming students that the program is accelerated. We move quickly from lesson to lesson. It’s a hands-on experience in which coding students are expected to build on their understandings each and every day.

To give you a slightly better idea of what the daily life of coding students at Eleven Fifty looks like, here’s a snapshot:

Stand Up Meeting

Class begins each day at 9 am. The daily Stand Up Meeting is a time for students to ask questions, talk about projects, and discover what they can be learning on their own. Some days, these times are structured in a way to help students learn more about the lessons. Other days, they’re more open and students can talk about their current projects and ask for suggestions and feedback. Eventually, the Stand Up Meeting will look more like a daily scrum and give teams an opportunity to talk about challenges, ideas, and the day’s coding work.

Class Review

This doesn’t happen every day, but the class review time typically happens after a long day of new topics. For example, the day after HTML is introduced in our Fundamentals 101 course, we’ll make sure we spend some time reviewing everything we talked about. Because some areas of study are more robust, we want to make sure students are set up for success.


On days where new subjects are introduced, we’ll spend time in demonstration. You’ll observe and listen as instructors go over specific code functions, languages, and other aspects of coding. As a coding student, this is your opportunity to soak up as much knowledge as possible and ask questions. After the demonstration portion of the day, you’ll have time to code.

Coding Time

At Eleven Fifty Academy, we believe the quickest way to learn how to code is by actually coding. All of our coding students spend time coding each and every day. In our SmartStart immersive learning programs, we have set coding applications students work on. However, students are free to bring their own creativity and style to those applications, which means each project ends up looking unique. The idea is to gain the knowledge by making mistakes and writing code yourself. But, don’t worry, instructors will be there every step of the process to answer questions and help you out.


Depending on the week of the program, you might be presenting your latest application. The way we advance students throughout the SmartStart programs is by having them present the applications they’ve been working on. These presentations cover the application they’ve built, the functions of the application, and the design of the application

Coding students at Eleven Fifty have access to instructors with real-world experience, internships and apprenticeships, and career readiness services. Becoming a software developer or programmer isn’t just about having the coding skills. It’s about being a well-rounded employee. Coding students graduate with the in-demand skills employers are looking for.

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